“Intelligent manufacturing in China” is one in a hundred Congratulations to Gospell for winning the

Date: 2018-06-11


Recently, Global Sources launched a "Global Excellence Award" selection to commend the foreign trade enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to China's economy, and hope to provide practical experience and motivation to other Chinese enterprises that in need of transformation and upgrading by exploring and sharing the successful experience of these pioneers.

Comprehensive evaluation of this enterprises that recommended and Nominated through WeChat public vote and expert score, include business status, industry influence, unique management highlights, etc. Hundreds of enterprises participate in the selection and Gospell won it by high score finally, it’s really “one in a hundred”



(Gospell’s senior management- Davis was invited to attend and be interviewed)


(The winning company took a group photo, and the second from the right is Davis.)

All the time, Gospell is proud of its advanced technology and warm customs by Professional and rigorous service attitude. Along the way, Gospell is still working hard and looking forward to the future, we can bring more surprises and moves to our customers.

Looking forward to that day, Gospell are becoming more and more powerful in professional technology and differentiated services, then we can take the lead in putting the “Intelligent manufacturing in China" brand campaign into the international market and Practice the dream of brand power country by practical action. Intelligent manufacturing in China is stronger, cross border is stronger and the country is more powerful!

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