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Date: 2018-01-01

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Safe campus construction security responsibility.


Recently, Beijing chaoyang district red and yellow blue kindergarten has been exposed suspected child abuse behavior, causing a strong social concern. The case is being investigated by the police, but the safety of children's campus is thought-provoking. In recent years, the incidence of malignant injuries on campus has frequently appeared in the newspaper network, and campus security has become increasingly prominent, and campus security has gradually become the focus of social attention.

In this situation, also issued by the general office of the state council on strengthening the construction of primary and secondary school kindergarten security risk prevention and control system of opinions ", the opinion is pointed out that education of the people's governments at various levels supervision institutions to the school security work as an important content of education supervision, to further improve the civil air defense, the authors of the school, the measure such as dimension, drive around as soon as possible do a good job in risk prevention, control and accident treatment and risk resolve each work.

"Conditional to install perimeter alarm device and a key alarm system", to perfect the construction of campus security system put forward higher request, that is to say later in the campus security in addition to the market surveillance cameras can benefit bandit shallow, and a key to perimeter alarm and alarm, etc. The corresponding system will also usher in a huge market.

No dead Angle "and" do public area, it puts forward higher requirements on surveillance cameras clarity, this means that the original campus construction by the surveillance camera system is no longer suitable for low pixels after the "opinions" put forward higher requirements, also means that the campus security could usher in a large-scale system upgrade period, the campus security original system upgrade, also is a big market.


As the core product of GOSCAM, intelligent video care products can realize real-time monitoring and provide safety barriers for children through the coordination and linkage of software and hardware.

GOSCAM video monitoring services have been expanded to various fields, not only can satisfy the user see Eva, the old man, "the pet, to see the family security requirements, such as shop can also provide users with campus security surveillance, broadcast and other intelligent real-time monitoring solutions, effectively prevent the happening of the safe hidden trouble, make security alarm will no longer be missed the best time.

There is a great deal of responsibility in the uneconomic times.


With the development of automation, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the word "no one" has been widely mentioned, and it seems to permeate all walks of life. With the rise of unattended stores in the second half of 2017, no one has ushered in a new era of development, opening the door of "unmanned economy" to the business model of "no one".

From 2013 to 2016, the unmanned economy has experienced the embryonic stage of development and ushered in explosive development in 2017. In addition to the emergence of start-ups, e-commerce, retail and other giants also laid out the economy. At present, and areas of the economy involving no retail, entertainment, life, health, four categories, distribution in ten niche, one of the four types of retail capital is most concentrated, the most number of startups.


No economic era, the multivariate integration of science and technology is the technology behind silent support, and with no economic growth, its safety, operability remains to be promoted, security responsibility is significant. No good security solution, convenience store products are not guaranteed, and personnel access without good management, it is not conducive to industrial scale, eventually lead to business model to fail.

GOSCAM is one of the manufacturers that can provide equipment terminal, software and hardware development, video monitoring and management platform integrated solution and system. As a good deep security intelligence industry more than ten years of high-tech enterprises, with keen sense of smell, good technology to the market capacity, strong comprehensive strength and the industry reputation, GOSCAM has maintained the lead!

In the unmanned economic scenario, monitoring full - time, anti - theft not false alarm, early warning super timely! The realization of these only need easy one key, can achieve the perfect implementation of the withdrawal, the cloth defense. GOSCAM, let security function be more comprehensive and more efficient.

Foreign media: China has built the world's largest video monitoring.


At present, the coverage of video monitoring in our country has been developing rapidly, and it has been widely popularized. It is understood that our country video lens has more than 20 million, become the application of high technology to maintain the security of the security network. According to foreign media reports, China has built the world's largest video monitoring network, and security is the new business card of beautiful China!

China has the world's most advanced surveillance system, the skynet project, which tracks fugitives, the daily mail reported. It can identify a person's age, sex and clothing color, and better identify criminals. At present, face recognition has become China's new city video surveillance project of the construction of the new requirements, be explicitly specified in the tender documents, it also become the deep deep learning video analysis of a signal.

Except in the field of public security safety and traffic, based on the analysis of deep learning video technology entered People's Daily life, such as the recent debate in succession "retail", the traveling scenic area "brush face into the garden" and so on, the video monitor manufacturers have begun to power monitor video application market, and around the deep learning video application market has only just pulled open heavy curtain, the demand of the market is fast growth, the future will also become the new engine for monitor market growth.

Smart home market pattern big change new technology to trigger new entrance big.


This year at the end of 2017, the artificial intelligence, intelligent sound, such as smart + real estate hot word frequency, this a new wave of new technology development, all in the daily life of the changing consumer, quietly between also promoted the pattern change of smart home.

1.2016 rapid growth of the global smart home market.

The annual report on the development of the Internet of things in China (hereinafter referred to as the annual report) was released in wuxi recently. According to the annual report, the global smart home market grew significantly in 2016 as the Internet of things technology and consumer demand for quality of life improved. According to the data, the global smart home market grew rapidly in 2016, with a growth rate of over 55 billion us dollars, with a growth rate of 17%.

According to the China market research network, the size of the U.S. market in 2016 has an absolute advantage, with a market size of $9712.5 billion. By the end of 2016, 30 million households in the United States have access to one or more smart home services. By the end of 2017, the number of smart households will reach 35 million.

2. Smart lock overall layout smart home market 2017 industry welcomes the entrance contest.

In the past, the number of households with smart locks was less than 3%, due to the multiple factors such as consumption concept, consumption ability and price. European and American countries

Compared with the penetration rate of 70% of households in Japan and South Korea, there is a huge room for development in the domestic market. In the past two years, the concept of smart home is hot, which has become popular with the Internet of things and Internet depth. Under such background, the capital and the potential consumption begins to be inspired, smart door locks for hotel apartment B end markets such as growing and the C terminal of the household consumption demand, the whole industry development started from intelligent life and iot tuyere, a significant increase in momentum.

3. The annual compound growth rate is 33.7%, and the smart building market is expanding.

According to a report released by Marketsandmarkets global intelligent construction market global intelligent building market will be in the period 2017-2022, to grow from $7.42 billion to $31.74 billion, the compound annual growth rate of 33.7%, the major factors to promote the growth of the market demand is derived from the user integration of intelligent building and safety system requirements and the global government is increasing the influence of the intelligent building project of both parties。

According to the report, intelligent building services business will become the fastest growing part of the market, according to market observation, the global intelligent building service providers (training consulting, integration and support services) to effectively control the cost, through the use of intelligent automation technology, efficient operation and maintenance of the building, as the foundation of intelligent ecological system construction of facilities, and further education the end user, resulting in the wider deployment of intelligent building solutions and application.

4. Musk: artificial intelligence or detonating the third world war.

Tesla's chief executive, ElonMusk, on Monday renewed an ominous warning about artificial intelligence: it could spark a third world war.

Mr Musk's warning was a response to a speech by Russian President vladimir putin on Friday about artificial intelligence. Mr Putin said at the time that anyone who could be a leader in the field of artificial intelligence could dominate the world.

"All countries will focus on the development of computer science, and the scramble for domination of artificial intelligence could lead to a third world war," Mr Musk said on Twitter today.

"False need" change "just need" intelligent household foreground is broad."False need" change "just need" intelligent household foreground is broad.



In consumption upgrading and transformation of the environment, intelligent household products get rapid development, from the intelligent home appliance such as a single product, to the whole space intelligent solutions, from the network, decoration and other channels to penetrate into people's lives. In recent years, the market size of artificial intelligence is increasing, and the market prospect of smart home industry is becoming more and more extensive.

Smart home is not a "fake demand", it will become a door to door purchase demand in the future. With the technology update iteration, the utility of smart home will be improved, and people's concerns will be solved better. Nowadays, the aging of society is increasing, and the elderly need a very convenient smart home.

In addition to aging, air quality is a big concern, and air quality testing systems and smart new wind systems will be popular. Not only that, but the benefits of a smart security system that is safe and secure when you go out and the smart deployment of power systems at home can be huge.

Has a leading technology company is also put forward the concept of the combination of artificial intelligence and intelligent household, home robots do housework for us and a dialogue with the host, when a status in the family, it can make decisions faster than man, and so on.

We imagine not hard, the future character of custom class intelligent household products can into everyone's family, automation system, network communication and artificial intelligence technology as one of the house, will eventually make family life intelligence and security.

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